Service is our business, our only business.   We have built a solid reputation on quick response and quality service.  We don'tsell equipment: we are here to guarantee that your equipment is given the best service.  SMART INC can take care of all your needs from install to repair to preventive maintenance. Our Preventive Maintenance programs set our service apart from others.  We will work with you to determine the best interval for your facility, i.e., monthly, bimonthly, quarterly,  or semiannually.
1.  Remove all covers and clean and detail inside motor                compartment
2.  Check and confirm all connections on LCB
3.  Check drive belt tension and alignment
4.  Inspect running belt and deck for wear; tension and align belt as needed
5.  Lube elevation if needed
6.  Confirm overall operation of unit, i.e keypad function
7.  Clean and detail outside of unit
8.  Record miles/hours of use
9.  Reassemble unit and check operation
1.  Check operation of unit
2.  Clean and detail unit inside and out
3. Confirm all connections; check belts for tension and wear;
check cranks
1.   Check movement/operation of unit
2.   Check cranks, belts; check resistance
3.   Clean and detail unit
Strength Equipment
1.   Check movement and operation of unit
2.   Inspect cables for wear, proper routing; clean and lube guide rods.
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